Lelionaz Kennel Leonberger

White male puppie born 23 October 2002

Lelionaz Mr Right of Ann's Lions

sire: Int & Fin & Est & N uch V-99 ÖBSG -01 NV-02 Leoniitan Washable Lion
dam: Lelionaz Ursus Ponica Exotica

hips: excellent
elbows: clear/ua
eyes: clear/ua
meriter: International Jungsten Championat

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"Tonka has the most perfect temperament of any male leo I've ever met, he is always so goofy & friendly! We love him to bits!!! "

"He's a very handsome old man!!! He still acts no older than 2 yrs. Just the bit of grey gives away his 8 years!!! He's in perfect heath & everyone who meets him wants to take him Home!! He has always had THE BEST temperament!!!"
Nov 2010

November 2010


Owner: Julie & Thorsten Schaffert, Canada
Kennel Von Der Lowenhohle

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